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Do I have to bring a partner?

No, it is not necessary for you to bring a partner. Whilst it can be nice sometimes to have a little moral support when you start something new, it’s really not necessary . You’ll soon be changing partners, making lots of friends and having lots of fun. And I bet you’ll forget that you ever went alone to your first class!

I have two left feet / I have never danced before

Salsa is just rhythmic walking. So if you are able to walk you can salsa (we’ll ensure that you do). Just be regular to your classes.

What if I miss a class?

Every class begins with a review session that not only covers content from the previous session but open to revisiting all the topics that one might need more work with. As the review always happens at the beginning of the class just ensure that you are there on time to not miss it.

Can I come for a make-up session?

Once you register with us for Level 1 you are welcome to drop into any Level 1 for the whole year. Not just to make up for a lost session, but also to spend more time practicing the moves you’ve learned. Just ensure that you get a partner along from your class so that the gender ratio of the other class is not disturbed.
For Level 2/3 students:-
If you have not attended more than 3 (6 hours) classes you can transfer your registration to the next available batch.

What if I have to travel for work?

So if you have to travel for a project from work or long vacation you can always come back and join us from where you left off in the following batch.

What about festivals/long weekends?

Once you register, you will be added to a Whatsapp group which will include all participants from the batch. And if majority of them request a time out, we will cancel the class.

Where else can I dance Salsa apart from Bangalore?

All major cities across the globe have a thriving salsa scene. The best thing about Salsa is that you can travel to any part of the globe and all you need to do is just connect with the local salsa community and you will no longer be a stranger. That’s the power of DANCE. It connects people. The same is true in India also. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh - all of these cities have a pretty active salsa scene.

Do I need to buy dance footwear?

Some people join salsa to have danced as part of their lives while some join to just check if it will suit their lifestyle. Level 1 generally has a mix of these people. So if you belong to the latter group you don’t need to invest in dance shoes. Just wear a pair of socks.

How many levels are there?

Level 1 is designed in a way to help you learn the correct technique which enables you to dance socially anywhere, with anyone. These classes will give you enough skill to dance a whole song without much repetition in moves. You’ll feel confident to start dancing not only in salsa clubs but in private parties and nightclubs too. We have 3 levels to cover the basic vocabulary of salsa.

What are Salsa Socials?

Salsa is mainly a social dance form. At present there about 4 salsa nights happening in the city every week. So the learning doesn’t stop in the class; you can continue working on practicing this art form alongside building friendships and having a social life.

Can I perform?

This completely depends on an individual’s level of interest. Salsa's basic levels are mandatory to join our performance batch and team. Our dancers do perform in major dance platforms across India.

Is there a refund?

After registration, there is no refund. But out of the 12(24 hours) classes if you have not attended more than 3(6 hours) classes you can transfer your registration to a friend and give them the gift of dancing which they can redeem in the next available batch.

If I join with my partner can I dance only with them in class?

It’s vitally important to dance with lots of different people no matter what stage of learning you are at. And each person you dance with gives you the opportunity to learn something new. Even though we recommend that you dance with different people it is not compulsory.

Can i repeat a program for more practice?

For repeating Level 1 there will be no charges for one full year.
For Level 2/3 students, if you have not attended more than 3 (6 hours) classes you can transfer your registration to the next available batch ( Not transferable to another )


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