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What is Dance For Me :)

The dance floor is the only place on earth where I am actually being myself. Wild, free, sexy, funny and playful all at once.

Music is a personal thing. The dance floor is a democrat as it gives everyone an opportunity to take that music in and express it how they want..

On the dance floor, please stop thinking too much about your moves. Let the music do the thinking for you. Allow it to guide you.

I do not believe in the church and the dogmas it preaches. I commune with God on the dance floor. I pity the fools who can’t understand what I’m saying.

Better the connection, the better the dance is. Both music and your partner.

I envy the people who find love on the dance floor. Because it is a pity if you can’t dance with the love of your life.

Be who you really are on the dance floor. Do not try to be somebody else on the dance floor because that is an insult to the dancer in you.

It is really romantic to do some spontaneous dancing. Dance in the rain, dance in the shower, dance in the grocery store, dance in the tennis court, dance anywhere and it is damn romantic.

My heart goes out to the people who haven’t discovered dancing yet. All I can say is that they are missing out on a life altering experience.

Dance helps you to discover things that you never knew existed; within you and around you.

Sometimes dancing is sex. Sometimes dancing is better than sex. Sometimes, you want to make love on the hard wood floor.

Dancing and sexuality is some sort of union that happens inside you when the music plays.

Heal the world, one dance at a time.

Dancing is healing, dancing is therapy, dancing is peace.

Never contain your true emotions while you dance. That will become an obstruction to the dance.

Never trust the dancer if he is not sweaty in a crowded dance floor.

Music; feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it!

Also let your eyes do the dance.

If dancing is like true love, it will always be with you.

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